QPS Foundation Grants (2019 Update)

Unlike other charities and websites, The QPS Foundation provides grants ONLY for priorities in the Quincy Public Schools!

Grants are available to staff members for training, programs, or projects that benefit student learning and/or performance. Grants are for one-year projects, and it is not the intention of the Foundation to continue funding the project or its replication beyond one year. Grants awarded through the QPS Foundation are not meant to replace traditional sources of funding for the Quincy Public Schools.

Please read ALL the following information before making your application.


2019 Fall Application Window

Applications for QPS Foundation Grants will be accepted betweenAugust 1 and September 30, 2019
Grant recipients will be notified on or beforeOctober 31, 2019
Grant expenditure timeline should be reported to the Foundation office byJanuary 31, 2020
Grants should be used and documented byMay 31, 2020



Our updated grant for QPS teachers and staff is now called the QPS Staff Grant. It is open to all certified and non-certified QPS staff to apply with the approval of their administrator and/or direct supervisor.

The QPS Staff Grant is capped at $1,500. This allows for a more fair distribution of available funds to a broader base of recipients. An additional grant program has been created, called the Dream Big Grant, to accommodate requests larger than $1,500.

DREAM BIG GRANT (Up to $25,000)



Grants are available in areas such as fine arts, foreign languages, elementary education, mathematics, sciences, technology, athletics, health occupations, professional development, vocational education, and other designations. The QPS Foundation Board of Trustees reserves the right to determine if applications for grants fit the appropriate donor designations for funds we have available.


All applications MUST be reviewed by the staff member’s administrator or supervisor BEFORE submitting to the Foundation’s web site. Please make sure that you have discussed your application with your administrator before applying! Applications approved by the administrator will be given first consideration by the Foundation.

Final Report
Receipts for purchases are required as proof of due diligence with grants that are awarded. We ask that receipts be turned in to the Foundation by May 31, 2019 unless other arrangements have been approved by the Foundation.

A final report with purchase receipts, photos and a brief narrative of implementation is REQUIRED.

The report may be submitted online at the following link:  Alternatively, these may be emailed to foundation@qps.org.


Special considerations will be given to applicants who make donations to the QPS Foundation and/or participate in the Friends of the Foundation monthly payroll deduction program, provided that funds are available in your application category. Please consider giving $1 or more per month, and become a Friend of the Foundation!

Other considerations may be given to applicants applying outside the normal schedule if the applicant has extenuating circumstances.

Applicants may RE-APPLY for grants in a subsequent grant cycle if they were denied due to availability of funds.

Apply for a QPS Staff Grant        Apply for a Foundation Dream Big Grant