Teacher Grant Application Form

2017 Teacher Grant Application Timeline:

There are 2 grant opportunities available each school year on the following cycle:

February  – QPSF Trustees approve money to be distributed in both cycles

March 21 –  Electronic applications due (no paper copies, please)

April 12 – Recommendation to QPS Foundation approved

April 19 – Teachers are notified.  Funding awards are for this grant period only and may not be carried over.

May 31 – Invoices due

September 29 – Electronic applications due (no paper copies, please)

October 11 – Recommendation to QPS Foundation approved

October 18 – Teachers are notified.  Funding awards are for this grant period only and may not be carried over.

December 2 – Invoices submitted to QPSF for reimbursement

Teacher Grant Information:

  • Quincy Public Schools Foundation provides grants directly to certified staff members for programs or projects that benefit student learning/performance.
  • Grants are for one-year projects and may not be carried over.
  • It is not the intention of QPSF or Quincy Public School District #172 to continue funding the project or its replication beyond one year.
  • QPSF is not meant to replace traditional sources of funding for the public schools.
  • Questions may be directed to Kent Embree, QPSF Executive Director, at embreeke@qps.org or 228-7158 x2256, or Mindy Holthaus, Administrative Assistant, at holthame@qps.org or 228-7158 x2276.

Review and Selection Process:

Selections will be made on the basis of the relative quality of the grant proposals as measured by the following:

(a) Potential of proposed activity to solve an educational problem or to meet district goals.
(b) Likelihood of the proposed activity having a positive impact on the academic achievement/ performance of students.
(c) Proposal is practical and realistic, yet creative and innovative.
(d) Goals and methods of the evaluation are clearly stated.

Please Note:

Without suggesting the kinds of activities to be funded or limiting your imagination in any way, the following are some ideas to consider in your thinking:

  • Is there a particular problem or concern about student learning/performance in your school or district? Do you have an idea on how to solve that problem or concern for students?
  • Is there a new development in the field in which you teach that is passing you by because you haven’t had time or money to find out about it? This may be the opportunity to change that.
  • Maybe you would like to adapt your teaching methods to better fit the needs of your students. Tell us about your ideas and let us know what they will do for you and your students. Your creativity may earn you a grant.
  • Perhaps two or more teachers would like to work together on a project to benefit their students . . . joint proposals will be given consideration, too.

There are a number of projects which these funds are not intended to support. These include: painting or otherwise remodeling classrooms or offices in the school and paying college tuition for courses required for a new certificate, an advanced degree, or a pay increase.

Teacher Grants

I. Proposal

II. Proposed Grant Award

Please indicate how the funds will be spent:

III. Number of students to be served:

IV. Certification
By submitting, I certify the following:
(1) I have reviewed this proposal with my building principal.
(2) I will complete the grant activities within the next school year.
(3) I will submit the QPSF Grant Evaluation Report 30 days following the last day of school. Unused
funds must be returned to Quincy Public Schools Foundation.