Heidi Holzgrafe ’00

Heidi Holzgrafe is currently a real estate broker at Happel, Inc. and serves on the board of trustees for the Quincy Public Schools Foundation and The Art Center.

Holzgrafe graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2004 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. She continued to live in Chicago, after graduation, where she worked for a private real estate investment group for 14 years, ultimately managing their real estate portfolio.

In 2019, Holzgrafe moved back to Quincy with her family: husband, Eric Loos ’01, and sons, Emmett (kindergartener at Baldwin Elementary) and Benton (3).

What were you involved with, while in school?

I played the flute in band and orchestra and also played on the tennis team.

What is your favorite memory from your time at QPS?

It is difficult to narrow it down to just one favorite memory, but many of the highlights center around participation in extracurricular activities. One vivid classroom memory happened my junior year. Mr. Fonza requested I stand next to him in front of the band. He continued to list the obvious physical differences between the two of us, hoping to illustrate the need to embellish the dynamics as written in the music.

What made you decide to move back to Quincy; and as someone who has left and come back, what do you value most about living here?

In 2019, I had the opportunity to rehab and move into the family home, built by my maternal great grandparents. Additionally, I had two young boys, and the real estate investors I was working for retired.

I could list numerous reasons why I value being back in Quincy. Ultimately, it comes down to the community of people here. There is something unique about the friendships that are built throughout our town, and I value those relationships above anything else.

Why did you choose to serve on the Quincy Public Schools Foundation and The Art Center boards?

I am on the board for the QPS Foundation and The Art Center, as well as additional committees at both organizations. I am passionate about the investment and growth of our community, and I am open to joining and serving on organizations promoting such.

Serving on the QPS Foundation board feels like a no-brainer to me. I view public education as a community’s greatest investment in its future. Today, we are educating the future workforce of Quincy. I feel anything we can do to develop their curiosity and love of learning is imperative to our future.

Like education, I feel the benefits of exploring the visual arts are numerous. Art has the ability to tell a story, evoking curiosity, emotion, and a connection that cannot always be expressed through words. Further, there are countless benefits provided to those creating art, both mentally and intellectually. I chose to join The Art Center board because I feel it provides an outlet for community connection and betterment.


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