Alumni & QPSF Board Member Spotlight: Q&A with Heather Cook ’94

Heather (Bruns) Cook '94
Heather (Bruns) Cook ’94

Heather (Bruns) Cook is the Finance Director for Quincy’s Salvation Army Kroc Center. She is also the treasurer on the executive board of the Quincy Public Schools Foundation. In addition, Heather is an active Quincy Service League member and served as the Quincy Service League Gift Show Chair as treasurer. Heather is a member of the QHS class of 1994 and will be celebrating her 30th reunion this July.

“I grew up in the small town of Golden, Ill. I moved to Quincy when I was 10 years old and graduated from QHS. After high school, I attended Quincy University and graduated in 2000 with a BA in Accounting. I worked for two years in public accounting directly out of college. In 2002, I accepted a position with The Salvation Army. I was fortunate to be involved in the Steering Committee for the Kroc Center, and I am currently the Finance Director. I went on to sit for the CPA exam and completed it in 2013.”

“I would say my high school experience was typical. We had big hair and fast cars. I enjoyed open lunch and having a locker.”

“I was shy in high school and didn’t really get involved. I wish I would have. The extent of my activities was hanging out with my friends.”

“I had been thinking about volunteering and getting involved with an organization that could benefit from my skills. I was approached by the Executive Director (at that time) to join the Finance Committee. My son was in high school then, and it seemed like a great fit for me. I have always valued education and understand the public schools have limited resources. The QPS Foundation has been successful in bridging that gap and creating opportunities for students that they may not have had otherwise.”

“I would have to say the ability to use my education and experience to give back to the community by supporting future generations that will one day be making important decisions that impact the community.”

“Absolutely! I have always valued education, but being involved with the QPS Foundation has given me a better understanding of the needs and challenges of the district.”

“When I got involved, the foundation was experiencing tremendous growth and becoming quite complex. It quickly became apparent that the foundation needed a qualified accounting professional to ensure accuracy of financial information being reported. My goal was to assist the Executive Director in obtaining a qualified accountant.”

“The QPS Foundation has an incredible board and staff. They have overcome several challenges in the last several years. When I joined the foundation, the Alumni program was in the conceptual stages. The board recognized the potential the program had to offer and though the program is still in the infancy stage, I have seen much progress and look forward to seeing this program grow.”

“I am an active member of Quincy Service League and Treasurer/Trustee for the Friends of the Lorenzo Bull House board.”

“I have worked in the non-profit sector for over 20 years. The non-profit work is fulfilling and has enriched my life.”

“I have fond memories of the 8th grade trips to Washington DC and Canada. They were wonderful experiences in which I learned a great deal and made some new friends.”

“I look forward to reconnecting with people that I haven’t seen since high school.”

“I always enjoyed Mr. Hall. He was a substitute teacher that was known by all and had such patience with the students.”

“Technology has come such a long way; textbooks have become a thing of the past. We were just learning to use computers in the 90s. I think the biggest change would be communication. We did not have cell phones, internet, or social media.”

“Accounting doesn’t really allow me to express much creativity (if it did, it would probably get me fired or put in jail). In my spare time I enjoy expressing my creative side. I enjoy painting abstract art, refurbishing old furniture and crafting. I also love to travel and take photos.”

“I come from a long line of farmers. I can drive a tractor and a combine, but I can’t seem to keep a plant alive. I love muscle cars, animals, and old houses.”


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