Did you participate in extracurricular activities while at QHS?

In high school, I played Girls’ Varsity Golf from freshman through senior year. I was very involved with ‘A Building’ which is also known as the Music and Theatre Department at QHS.  In fourth grade, at Baldwin, I joined the orchestra and sang in the chorus choir until I graduated from high school. I also became involved in theatre during my high school years.

I was invited to be in The Quincy Art Center-Beaux Arts Ball as a Basket Girl as a sophomore. The Ball was a wonderful fundraising event that the Quincy Art Center held annually. This is where I began my interest in philanthropy. In my junior year, I was invited to be a Rope Holder and I became a Queen candidate when I was a senior.

Who was your favorite teacher?

It is difficult to choose just one favorite teacher. Throughout my schooling, I was fortunate to have many teachers to guide and inspire me. Some of the most memorable are Victoria Forbes, Denise Pappas, and Marilyn Smith. I also really enjoyed the styles of Randy Mettemeyer, Suzie Knorr, and Tom Burnett.

What are some of your best memories of school?

My best memories of school were the beginning of the school year. It was always a new year and a new beginning. Golf started in August and the annual QHS musical began rehearsing in autumn. It was the best time! 

Another wonderful memory was going to Disney with the Music Department after Christmas and ringing in the new year.  On the first night, the choir sang with Reading Rainbow’s LeVar Burton.

What has changed the most since you were in school?

So many things have changed since school. I wasn’t the person I am today. In high school, I was very timid and quiet. Going to college broadened my opportunities and helped me come out of my shell. It is the experiences in life that I am grateful for. It’s what allows us to learn and grow.

What do you do now (where do you live, what is your career, hobbies, etc.)?

I live in Quincy and work at Quincy Public Schools Foundation- Dream Big. I am passionate about helping the Quincy community to grow and prosper. I am an active member of Quincy Service League and have served in various chair positions throughout my time there. Recently, I joined the District Diplomats with The District. In my free time, I enjoy reading, the arts, cooking, working out, photography, and my newest interest is upcycling furniture!  I also enjoy spending time with family, friends, and my soft-coated wheaten terrier, Baxter.

What is your current involvement with QPS?

I am involved and preparing for QPSF’s upcoming event, Dream Big in Color Run on April 22! Afterward, I will help prepare for QPSF’s annual Dream Big Gala in November. A great night to rekindle with alumni and celebrate our educators and students.

Do you have any advice for current students?

Don’t be afraid of trying something new. Take advantage of opportunities. Set goals and work toward your goals. Have a positive attitude and do what you love. There is life after high school.


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