Todd Pettit ’89

Todd Pettit ’89, director of K-12 music for the Quincy Public Schools, was recently named next QPS district superintendent.

“I never thought I would move back to Quincy,” Pettit said. “And not for a negative reason, I just really enjoyed living in a large city.”

But, since moving back, Pettit has noticed comforts those cities were missing.

“Since returning to Quincy, my partner and I have both said, ‘It’s so awesome to come home and see and hear kids playing outside.’ You don’t get that as much living in large cities, at least not in the same way.

It brings back memories of when I lived on Hampshire Street, being out all day, riding my bike, playing in the Gardner Mansion Orchard Grove. There was just a wholeness to our life growing up that I appreciate now.

Even now, you know your neighbors, and there is community among neighbors. Quincy is truly that small-town USA. Then, and now, Quincy is home.”

Pettit always knew he wanted to climb the ranks as an educator, and started as a teacher here, in Quincy, after graduating from Quincy University.

He moved away to continue his education and pursue career opportunities. Pettit made his way to elementary school principal before receiving an offer too good to pass up.

“People would ask, ‘What’s your dream job? Something you would really love in terms of being a school administrator?’ Never did I imagine that the Director of Music and Fine Arts position, here in Quincy, would be available. Directing the school’s music department, music being my lifelong passion, is that dream job.”

As a high school student at QHS, Pettit was an accompanist for choirs and was able to work closely with Dan Sherman; both are things he is immensely proud of.

Like other grads, Pettit remembers homecoming dances, performing in musicals and New Faces, and life as an active A-building student.

“I am very proud to have been an A-building kid. Things have changed, but so many of the traditions are alive and well.”

One of those long-standing traditions is New Faces, a variety show that started in 1965. Back in person this year, New Faces will be on stage March 31 – April 2 at 7:30 p.m. and April 3 at 2:00 p.m. in the QHS auditorium.

Looking forward to his new role, Pettit plans to be an advocate for the Quincy Public Schools, continuing to promote district families, as Roy Webb has done, and implement a further sense of community and district-wide support for Blue Devils by wearing blue on Fridays.

“It’s great that the elementary and middle schools have their own mascots they can identify with. But one day a week, we will promote that we are all Blue Devils. It solidifies to those younger students, whether Comets, Flyers, Falcons, etc., that they can graduate from QHS, a Blue Devil, too.”


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