Quincy teacher honored with WGEM Golden Apple

Originally published by WGEM on January 22, 2015

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) – Students at Monroe Elementary in Quincy serenaded Mrs. Emily Pool when we surprised her with a WGEM Golden Apple Award this week.  The third grade teacher was speechless as the school sang a song about how much they appreciate her.

It was clear to see how Mrs. Pool is making a big impact on her 21 students and colleagues.  Her hard work, passion and dedication make her this month’s WGEM Golden Apple recipient.

In the classroom, you won’t see textbooks on the desks for Mrs. Pool’s math lesson.  Her third graders use white dry erase boards every day.  It’s just one technique the third grade teacher uses to keep her kids engaged in the classroom and to make the sometimes tough subject more fun.

“Lots of interactive activities whenever possible,” Mrs. Pool said.  “Encouraging them to talk to each other and make it fun.  Weaving that golden thread of fun through everything gives them that passion and desire to want to do more.”

Mrs. Pool has been teaching in Quincy for 10 years. After nine years at Baldwin South, Pool made the move to teach third grade at Monroe.  And in just her first year at the elementary school, her co-workers say she’s made a big impact on her students.

Donna Boster is the paraprofessional at Monroe Elementary in Mrs. Pool’s class.

“I was blown out of the water working with her and watching the style that she uses,” Boster said.   “She is extremely knowledgeable and technologically savvy.  But it’s really the way that she loves the kids and how she views their ability and potential.”

But our Golden Apple isn’t the first she’s been given.  One of her past students had already given her a smaller version, because he felt she was so deserving.  Now, she has two.  And while she says she’s honored to be recognized, being in the classroom every day with her students and leaving a lasting impression on her kids is what she loves most about her job.

“To inspire someone to find the love of learning,” Mrs. Pool said.  “It’s not necessarily about the day-to-day stuff, but can I light a fire in them that’s going to want them to learn and be better people.  Every year I’ve been in Quincy, I’ve had the best class. And it’s never just one class.  They’re all great and they all have a special place in my heart and they all just roll around in there and stay.”

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