Staff Spotlight: Q&A with Kyleen Hollensteiner

Kyleen pictured with her family. Left to Right: Malia (10), Kyleen, Jordan (2), Jacob (husband), and Chloe (6).
Kyleen pictured with her family. Left to Right: Malia (10), Kyleen, Jordan (2), Jacob (husband), and Chloe (6).

In this edition of our Q&A series, we’re highlighting someone deeply connected to Quincy Senior High School’s athletic spirit. Meet Kyleen Hollensteiner (Ray), QHS Athletics Secretary and an integral part of the QHS family.

I attended Quincy Public Schools up until my sophomore year of high school when we relocated to St. Louis. I attended Marquette High my last three years and graduated in 2006. I did not get to attend QHS because during my freshman year, we were still at Quincy Junior High School. I missed Quincy, so I moved back after high school and went to John Wood Community College where I played volleyball and received my Associates Degree in Education.

Kyleen holding a soccer ball.

I played on the Varsity Girls Soccer team as a freshman and also played volleyball for QHS.

My favorite memories from school are playing sports. Being a part of a team and doing what I loved was the best part. For me, having played soccer since I was five years old, being able to run out onto the field at Flinn Stadium was a dream of mine. I got to do that for one year before I moved and it was a dream come true. There is something so special about playing under the lights and getting to hear your name over the speaker while playing the sport you love. That is something I will never forget. My very first game at Flinn was a typical weather week of the Midwest; we had rain which turned to sleet, a light snow and back to sunshine. It was the craziest soccer game for weather, but one I will never forget it.

I live in Quincy with my husband Jacob of almost 12 years. We have three beautiful kids; Malia (age 10), Chloe (age 6), and Jordan (age 2). I am the Athletic Secretary at Quincy Senior High School. I have been here since mid October, 2023, and I’m loving every part of it. I love playing sand volleyball in the summer, hanging out with friends, playing with my kids, and watching them do the activities they love. My oldest, Malia, is an amazing dancer and also plays volleyball. Chloe loves basketball and T-ball in the summer. Our son, Jordan, was born with Spina Bifida and is paralyzed from the waist down. The past two years so far with him have been such a roller coaster ride but he is the sweetest, cutest, little boy. We have watched him overcome so many obstacles but he has been such a blessing. 

I absolutely love being part of the QHS Athletic Department. I wasn’t able to attend QHS all four years, so this is a second chance for me to be involved with something that I’m so deeply passionate about. Sports have been an integral part of my life; especially the game of soccer. My two older brothers and younger sister all played soccer and my dad was, and still is, a soccer coach. In fact, my oldest brother, Chris, is in the Hall of Fame at QHS for going to state on the ’95 boys team. The fact that I’m able to be around QHS athletics in a different capacity this time around is something that truly makes my heart happy. It’s such a joy being able to watch the coaches and athletes go out there and do what they love. 

I have had the privilege of working with Matt McClelland this year and he’s been nothing short of amazing. In the short amount of time that I’ve been in the Athletic Department, I’ve learned so much from him and have had the most wonderful experience in my first year as the Athletic Secretary. Matt’s presence will truly be missed… I mean he wasn’t crowned Athletic Director of the Year for nothing! That said, I am very much looking forward to the next chapter and serving alongside the new AD next year and the years to come.  

My advice for current students would be to just go for it! Try out for a sport or school play. Try an extra curricular activity to say that you gave it a chance. Meet new people and have fun! Don’t let fear or shame hold you back and prevent you from truly living life. Give it all you’ve got and don’t hold back. Life is too short and you only live once, so don’t be scared to take chances and make the most of every opportunity.  


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