QHS Alumni Spotlight: Q&A with Jenna Vandiver Hull ’92

Jenna Vandiver Hull ’92, Executive Director of the United Way of Adams County

Introducing Jenna Vandiver Hull, a QHS alumna from the Class of 1992, whose journey from her active involvement in extracurriculars like Show Choir and Track to becoming a certified Personal Trainer and now the Executive Director at United Way of Adams County showcases her dedication to fitness, community service, and leadership. Jenna reflects on how her time at QHS prepared her for a career focused on helping others. Her story is a testament to the enduring spirit of service and leadership fostered by Quincy Public Schools, inspiring current students to cherish their school years, embrace opportunities for growth, and make a positive impact in their communities.

I feel very lucky to have attended a school with such a wide range of class options. My favorite ways to spend my time were Show Choir and Concert Choir. I always wanted to be a singer, and I was able to sing with the praise team at my church for many years, so I guess that dream came true! I think the people you meet along the way influence you more than the classes. I had many teachers who pushed me to be better than I believed I could be. I will never forget those voices to this day! I still have some lifelong friends that have supported me throughout most of my life. That is hard to find, but I definitely found them at QPS.

Mr. McKinley and Mr. Humphrey

I really loved Show Choir and of course New Faces. I also loved going to Hardees in the morning and bringing coffee to Mr. Todd so I wouldn’t get in trouble for being tardy. 😊

At Senior High, the open lunch is gone, which is sad. The honors and dual credit classes have exploded! My daughter is graduating a full year early as she was able to do 9th hour classes and a few online classes during school in the library.

There have been many changes in my personal life as well. I am married to my husband Jamie. We were married in 1995 and have 4 children. Keaton (22), Sheriden (20), Ragan (16), and our new addition Ethan (6) who we adopted in 2022. I am the Executive Director at United Way of Adams County, where I have worked for the past 4 years.

Jenna Hull pictured with her husband Jamie and four children, Keaton (22), Sheriden (20), Ragan (16), and Ethan (6).

I started out in Personal Training in 2012, when my kids were in school. I purchased Nufit for YOU in 2016. My journey in fitness helped me to realize my ultimate goal of truly helping others in the community, not just health, but overall well-being. I started in 2020 with the Helpline at United Way of Adams County (UWAC). This was just as COVID was beginning and we were all sent home to work. Our team had to pivot and find new ways to help others. I delivered groceries to people with COVID, and cleaning supplies to those who had no way to get them. This was a whole new concept for the Helpline, but I was really proud of how we responded. Then in 2021, The Welcome Inn Motel shut down and our team stepped up again. I am most proud of the MARC (Multi-Agency Resource Center) and temporary shelter we created to house those displaced. We had just about 72 hours to set up everything, and our community partners really stepped up. Around 300 people, along with their pets and several with children, were given just a few hours to move their belongings out of the motel. UWAC and many other agencies received “The Key to The City” for our work and collaboration during this difficult time. This experience showed me that I had really found my calling. In 2024, I was promoted to Executive Director, and I am excited to continue the vision of UWAC!

When I look back on my life, I believe everything led me to this point. I have always loved helping people! From being a child advocate at Chaddock, working with youth at my church, and eventually becoming foster parents to 6 kids over 5 years, I have looked for ways to fulfill my need to help. Since beginning my job at UWAC in 2020, I have enjoyed every step leading up to this. I believe that when we work together for good, we can ALL make a difference. I know that sounds cliché, but I have seen it in our organization, and in the community partners we work with. I am very proud of our organization, and I can’t wait to see what we do next!

Our mission is simple, “To inspire, unite, and empower the people of Adams County to reach their full human potential”. We have many exciting projects ahead, but we can’t do any of this without the support of our donors and volunteers. We are so thankful to all those who continue to support us with their time, talent, and treasure. We are a fully staffed team of 6 amazing women, and we have much to do for our county.

I have 2 children still in school. Ragan is at QHS, and Ethan is in elementary school at QPS.

This one is easy. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up and get out of school! This sounds great, but when you break it down, you will be working full-time or maybe going to school full-time and working to pay that debt! You may be on your own, paying all your own bills, doing your own laundry, dishes, grocery shopping etc. Being an adult is hard work, so don’t be in a hurry for that! Enjoy being a kid! Go to the school dance, stop by the soccer or football games, try out for Show Choir(I waited until I was a SENIOR). My point is you may not get another chance to do these things! Enjoy every minute, even the tough ones!

I appreciate the opportunity to share my life with all of you. If you want to make a difference and you aren’t sure how, email me or give me a call! There are many ways to help and we can show you how! With 17 partner agencies and our own opportunities, we have something for everyone!

Visit the United Way of Adams County website to learn more about Jenna and their mission.


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