A Message From Our 2023 Dream Big Annual Campaign Chairs

Tim & Wendy Koontz, 2023 Dream Big Annual Campaign Chairs

Each year, the Quincy Public Schools Foundation holds an Annual Campaign, with the mission of raising funds to support the Quincy Public Schools in the areas of curriculum, technology, fine arts, and athletics. Funds raised during the annual campaign also go toward the work done within the Quincy Public Schools Foundation, helping to expand the Foundation’s capacity and grow its impact. Our 2023 Dream Big Annual Campaign Chairs are Tim & Wendy Koontz!

Dear Friend of the Quincy Public Schools,

If you were able to join us for the 2023 Night to Dream Big, we would like to thank you for your support and hope you left excited about the Quincy Public Schools. The evening was an opportunity to celebrate the amazing opportunities our students and staff enjoy because of the amazing support the QPS Foundation receives.

If you were unable to attend, we want to share some exciting news. QPSF was able to provide over $200,000 to support curriculum, technology, fine arts and athletics within the Quincy Public School District last year. Those funds make a significant impact on ensuring that each student has the tools available to help them learn and grow to their full potential.

With your help, we believe we can make an even greater impact. We are chairing this campaign because of impact Quincy Public Schools had on our daughters’ lives, and the expectation of the impact it will have on our granddaughter, who will start attending Denman in 2028. Teachers and students are being impacted by the work of the QPS Foundation, but we hope to do so much more.

There is a Greek proverb that suggests that a society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit. Our hope, by encouraging your participation in this campaign, is that we might inspire some tree planting that both our current and future students and educators might enjoy.
If you have already made a contribution to this year’s campaign, THANK YOU! If you are still considering a donation, please know that all donations are important in making a difference in the lives of our students and educators.

Tim & Wendy Koontz (’86 & ’87)
QPSF’s 2023 Dream Big Annual Campaign Chairs